Sichuan VANOV Technical Fabrics Co., Ltd        Shanghai Jinxiong Fabrics Co., Ltd

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Developing Process

Company Events
In Year 1987, company established and started engaging in Paper- Making felts (industrail filter material) business.

In Year 1994, first one to launch BOM felt application to regular paper machine and raise over 30% of running speed.

In Year 1997, introduce new production line, enlarge production scale and occupy southwest market.

In Year 2000, Chengdu VANOV Industrial Fabrics Co., Ltd. established.

In Year 2002,  Expand production capacity and extend to national market.

        In Year 2007, Establish Sichuan VANOV Technical Fabrics Co., Ltd., and built VANOV industrial park in Wenjiang Chengdu. Meanwhile,carried on Group Company's business of paper making felt, and expanded the production capacity rapidly.

In Year 2010, merged Shanghai Jinxiong Fabrics Co., Ltd., thus, VANOV became the biggest professional company developing, producing and selling paper making felt.

In Year 2012, VANOV successfully researched and developed three new products-non woven, twill weaving and seam felt independently. Therefore, it realized a whole new level that the third laminate technology of press fabric stepping into fourth national advanced technology and reached international advanced level.

In Year 2015, developed multi axis laminated technology and got the second prize of China Textile Industrial Association Annual Scientific and Technological Progress.

In Year 2016, independent research key technology of “ twill weaving multi-layer PMC research & application  ”, through appraisal by science and technology department in Sichuan Province, reaching international advanced level and getting Second prize of Science and technology progress, also got prize of 2016 National paper chamber of Commerce “China CaiLun prize- Autonomous Power”, “China CaiLun prize- Leading Power”

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